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Rule for all

RULE FOR ALL | Equal pay for Men and Women | Epi-1 | RJ Nani

Dwani April 24, 2021 4 3

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This show is all about creating awareness regarding indian laws and rights of indian citizens and also tells us about how to utilize each and every Sections introduced by Indian constitution. Indian constitution is the second-longest active constitution which has several constitutional rights for indian citizens.Today’s episode is about Equal pay for Men and Women. As we all know that in our country we could see some discrimination for women in case of Salaries, Many talented women are not getting respectful pay for their jobs. Its their responsibility to know about Equal pay and raise their voice.

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Rule For All
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Rule for all

Rule For All | Promo

Dwani April 1, 2021

Here we are presenting promo of “Rule for all”…మన ప్రాధమిక హక్కులు తెలుసుకోవడం మన బాధ్యత !! ఎదుట ఉన్నది ఎంతటివాడైనా, ఎదురు తిరిగి నిలబడగలిగే ధైర్యం ఇచ్చింది మన రాజ్యాంగం .మన కోసం , మన హక్కుల […]

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This post currently has 4 comments.
  1. Saiteja Neerudi on April 25, 2021

    Iam btech student ,untill listening to dz podocast i don’t even know about article 39, and my bigbrothers and friends who r listening to dz with me are also not aware of dz article and they are highly educated , point is highly educated students won’t know about dz article then how a iliterate women working daily (daily labours ) know about dz equal pay😅 and rule for all. But we can make dz possible by educating everyone by conducting campaigns and all,
    And this podcast is osm, And it contains bitter truth happening in the society now. I hope it reaches more and more people and educates every listener.
    Tq rj nani and Dwani Podcasts fr sharing dz.

  2. Gottipalli sai kiran on April 25, 2021

    Well said brother 👌😊✊ Definitely one must raise voice for better future , for better society. Will always be supportive to you anna. KEEP sharing such kind of awaken , inspirational talks.
    Jai hind🙏

  3. Puppy on April 27, 2021

    Good voice rj nani garu…
    Well said

    women herself keep down in some situations for silly reasons she should know she is best and she is great then everything one she will understand she will achieve everything in her life…

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